Strawberry Cucumber Mint Lime Water

“What is detox water? Detox water is your regular drinking water infused with a few simple ingredients that helps flush the toxins from your body better. It’s one great way to be healthier.”
From DIYReady

I used to not like drinking water. In fact, I really was a walking stereotype of the phrase “You can lead a horse to water…”. But sometime in between 2014 and 2015, I really, really, really started to enjoy every opportunity to drink water. What changed? My job mostly. I had transferred to a more physically demanding position and naturally it left me very dehydrated. I would easily gulp down seventy-two ounces of water in my eight hour day if not more. The only downside is that I did have to pee more than usual but I digress.

Last New Years I had given up soda as my resolution and was completely successful… for about four months. Then slowly but surely I began to drink a little bit of soda. Not much at first and almost never while on the job but by the end of the year, I am drinking three to four sodas a day on average. Fortunately that is not my worse in my whole life but unfortunately that is still really bad. It doesn’t help that I am momentarily in between jobs. I find myself mostly drinking soda out of boredom so I figured it was time to do some research! I have been really interested in learning about juicing & smoothies but while in the process of looking up recipes on juicing, I found some fun ideas to try on naturally flavoring up water. I am starting out with the recipes suggested from DIYReady but wish to try other sources as they come along.


The First Attempt: Strawberry + Cucumber + Lime + Mint from Back to Her Roots.

My first attempt at making Strawberry Cucumber Lime Mint Water (see photo) I decided to leave it in the fridge for several hours. I also used lime juice instead of fresh lime as I don’t like that strong of a lime flavor. The recipe does call for about a cup of strawberries and cucumbers and while I did use fresh strawberries and cucumber, I did not use a cup of each. I used about seven or eight small strawberries, half of a cucumber and three mint leaves. I figure my first try less is more and I can add to taste. My other guinea pigs… excuse me, family, for tasting this recipe on (to find an equal and fair consensus on how I am doing) consist of my partner of five years Monkey, my mother and my fairy god mother.

The first tasting had a very strong cucumber mint flavor with a hint of lime. Sadly, I could barely taste any of the strawberries. I wasn’t really a fan as it was a tad too bitter for me but, I have a very strong sweet tooth so I decided to add a handful of more strawberries for the second attempt. My hope is not to have to add additional granulated sugar to the recipe (as that kind of defeats the purpose of the all natural health benefits) but the plus side is that it won’t be nearly as bad for me as even a single twelve oz can of soda.

My mother enjoyed the first attempt of this flavored water but she likes cucumber water although, she agreed having a stronger strawberry flavor would be nice. Monkey thought it was okay as well but he could not taste the mint or lime. That could have something to do with the fact of being pressured at three in the morning to try my room temperature drink. Fairy God Mother (FGM) was currently not available for either tasting nor comment at the time.

The Second Attempt:

The next morning I poured myself a glass of the detox water. The color was much more red from the strawberries and less watery looking the second time around but, when I took a sip, the taste of cucumber was still too strong for me. So I pulled all but three of the cucumber’s out. (And later used to put on my eyes for a few minutes for a giggle before throwing the ones I had just pulled out away… hey waste not what not!) I did end up putting four table spoons of sugar into the mix to help sweeten it up but at the time it was just still too bitter for me. So I put the pitcher back into the fridge to sit for a few more hours.

The Third Attempt:

My last and final attempt (at least for the present moment) was later on the same evening. The water was even a more pleasant red color than even before but the cucumber smell was still very strong. When I took a sip I was delightedly surprised. It wasn’t the best thing I have ever drank before but the strawberries were at the foremost point of the flavor with the cucumber, lime and mint as a nice hint of an aftertaste. My FGM thought the smell was wonderful but both her, my mom and I agreed that it was something that was just okay and not a recipe any of us would like to try again.




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